Is Kilauea Safe? Volcano Update

We support residents affected by the recent volcanic activity and the relief efforts underway. Don't cancel your trip to Hawaii. While the news is doing their job on reporting about the volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii, it's only affecting about 1% of the island. There's still 99% of the Big Island available to explore and experience! Here are some common questions that may help you feel better about your trip to Hawaii.

Is Umauma Zipline Experience open and operating?
Yes. We’re not anywhere near the lava and the air quality is as clear as it ever was.  The safety of our guests is our #1 priority.

Is the lava and air quality affecting the whole island?
No.  The lava activity is located in the Puna District, which is about a 10-square mile area.  Hawaii Island (aka “The Big Island”) is more than 4,000 square miles with 200,000 residents.

But the reports make it seem like it’s the entire island.
We know, and it’s really sad because it’s affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people. You know, if we didn’t watch the news, we wouldn’t even know there was any activity at all! Only 1% of the island is affected by the volcanic activity. The rest of the island is safe open for business!

What about air quality? I saw that huge plume of smoke and ash?
It was impressive. But like the lava, that smoke plume is affecting the lava zone, Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens Subdivisions in Puna.

Is this a new eruption?
Not really. Kilauea has been erupting since 1983. These are just new fissures that have opened up. Hawaii was created by five volcanoes, which all have separate “pipes”.  The current activity is confined to one volcano, Kilauea, the youngest and smallest of the five that has been erupting constantly for 35 years.

How long will this last?
According to the team at the USGS (United States Geological Service) they know how long similar explosive activity has lasted (the 1924 eruptions went on for about 2.5 weeks), but they can't guarantee that the activity now will follow the same pattern.  There’s no certainty, so we wouldn’t want anyone to cancel plans based on such unspecific information.

So how can this affect my vacation?
To be honest, not too much at all.The Hilo and Kona airports are open, all the hotels are open, all activity companies are operating, except those operating in the Puna District. Volcanoes National Park is closed for now, however.