Tour Umauma Falls & Gardens

Our beautifully landscaped grounds are perfect for a self-guided tour through our gardens and falls viewing. Enjoy spectacular views of our triple-tier Umauma Falls, sit and reflect in our meditation garden, and discover the unique scents of Hawaii’s tropical flowers and trees. Final entry time is 4:30pm.

from $5  per person + taxes & fees

Drive-ups welcome! No pre-booking required.
Please check-in at the Visitor's Center for this tour.


Tour Umauma Falls & Gardens Highlights

  • Complementary with purchase of Zipline, River Swim & Kayak or Zip N Dip
  • Drive-up to the falls viewing
  • A great way to pass time waiting for your zip time or as stop along the coast road


Enjoy a self-guided tour of our beautiful grounds and spectacular view of Umauma Falls.

Umauma Falls Viewing

Umauma Falls are open to visitors from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day. At this time you can drive on a concrete road right to the falls and tropical garden after stopping at the visitor center.  Take as little or as much time as you like. Stop by our Visitor’s Center to pick up a map of the Garden or get a snack.

Umauma Tropical Garden Walk

Walk along Hawaii’s Umauma River and enjoy the natural palm forest and river views.  See a very large Hawaiian native ‘Ohi’a Lehua tree in its natural Big Island river setting – look for its distinctive feathery red blooms.

Enjoy a leisurely walk back to your car over two bridges and a mac nut path.  Smell and enjoy the Big Island plants along the walk. As you walk under one of the archways look for some orange blooms on the vine.  It is usually blooming. Look under the very large tree toward the end of the garden and notice the beginning of an Anthurium garden.

Do not miss this experience.  Take your time.  This place is special and is partly why you came to Hawaii. Both features can be visited even by people with limited mobility.

If you miss this, you probably didn’t see the Big Island, Hawaii that was in your dreams before you came. Zipline tour customers get several private special views of this spectacular wonder of nature.



  • Duration: Explore at your own pace! Allow 20-45 minutes to enjoy the view and garden.
  • Sunblock and bug repellent is recommended.
  • Light physical activity to walk the gardens.

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