Explore Hawaii’s Waterfalls

July 5, 2019

Experience The Beauty of Umauma Falls on a Waterfall Rappel and River Swim Tour   Do you LOVE waterfalls? Have you ever dreamed of exploring and swimming in hidden waterfalls in Hawaii? If you’re still reading this, we’re going to assume there’s a high chance you’re a total waterfall nerd. It’s OK, we are too.…

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Off the Beaten Path

May 28, 2019

When you close your eyes and think of Hawaii, what do you see? White sand beaches? Aquamarine waters and palm trees gently swaying in the breeze? Are you relaxed and dozing off yet? If you travel like we do, then you want something a little more EXHILARATING than the usual ‘sunning on a beach in…

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Zip Big, or Go Home

May 9, 2019

Looking for an exciting way to explore the Big Island’s natural beauty? A zipline tour is a thrilling way to experience some of Hawaii’s most pristine and breathtaking locations while flying hundreds of feet through the air over stunning river gorges, 14 waterfalls and flowering tropical forest canopies. It’s a pretty incredible feat!    …

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WANTED: Adventure Seekers

April 26, 2019

Your Bucket List is Waiting at The Umauma Experience! When you travel all the way to a volcanic rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, chances are you have a soft spot for adventure. You’re the kind of person that values experiences over things. Most likely, you won’t be found buying t-shirts and shot…

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