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When you travel all the way to a volcanic rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, chances are you have a soft spot for adventure. You’re the kind of person that values experiences over things. Most likely, you won’t be found buying t-shirts and shot glasses in the gift shop with all the other tourists and then dozing off by the pool. No, you want to go where the locals go, and maybe even get a little lost. You want to see what the raw, unfiltered Hawaii is like, not the postcard version. We feel you.

The Umauma Experience exists for travelers like you.

What is the Umauma Experience, you ask? To answer that you’ll have to head over to the beautiful Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. Here, lush valleys are interrupted by cascading waterfalls fed by rainfall on the slopes of Mauna Kea – the tallest mountain on earth if measured from the sea floor. Liana vines scale the trunks of ancient trees, and everything is green and on the verge of bloom. Tucked between Paniolo ranch land and Hilo is Hakalau – home of The Umauma Experience. Historically a sugarcane plantation town, today the small Hakalau community is mainly family farms producing tropical fruits, flowers, sweet potatoes, macadamia nuts and cattle.

Umauma means ‘constantly flowing’ in the Hawaiian language.

The Umauma Experience gets its name from spectacular Umauma Falls, a triple-tier waterfall that runs through its 260-acre property – part ranch land, part lush tropical forest and gardens. The mana (Hawaiian word meaning spirit or energy) of this area is immediately palpable when you set foot on the land. It’s the kind of place that wants to be explored. To share our property’s natural beauty with minimal environmental impact, the Umauma Experience offers a range of ecotourism style activities, including ziplining and rappelling down waterfalls along the Umauma River. Read on for a full break down of all the experiences we offer. You may just find something to add to your bucket list.

Do you wish you could fly?

Originally popular with mountain dwellers and wildlife biologists, Ziplining has evolved into the ultimate adrenaline rush for outdoor enthusiasts. Ziplining tours are an excellent way to appreciate Hawaii’s stunning beauty from a ‘bird’s eye view’.

What sets our zipline tour apart? Flying over Umauma River! You’ll reach speeds of over 45 miles per hour as you zip over 14 waterfalls on our 9-Line, 2-mile zipline course. Our dual lines make it more fun so you can zip alongside friends and family as you zip side by side. After your zip, you can cool off in Umauma Falls with our Zip and Dip Package. There’s nothing like swimming in a cool, private waterfall pool surrounded by nature.

Mud … it’s a good thing.

Do you want more mud in your life? We totally understand. Our ATV off-roading adventure is designed for you. This part of the island gets plenty of rainfall, meaning our trails have just the right amount of the good stuff. Explore miles of twisted trails and our mud pit on our 4X4 ATVs and Side X Side UTVs. You’ll love the authentic feel of riding through our ranch, past snoozing cows and a gorgeous view of the falls from above, as we climb to 1,000 ft. elevation. Take in views of majestic Mauna Kea mountain and the Pacific Ocean below. We recommend booking the morning tour, as this gives you the option to stop for a swim in Umauma Falls and wash the mud off (only if you want to). Our Honda ATVs and side-by-side’s are fully automatic. The ATVs have power steering, which makes it easy for first-time riders to jump right in.

Come face to face with Umauma Falls.

If you’re always looking to push the envelope, and love being completely immersed in nature, this is your tour. Bring your bathing suit, and we’ll provide you with everything else you need to rappel down waterfalls along the Umauma River. In addition to getting up close and personal with the magic of the falls, you’ll have the opportunity to go down a natural water slide, rappel over a cave, and take the plunge into an refreshing waterfall pool. At the end, your bravery and adventurous spirit will be handsomely rewarded with lunch – riverside. Our small tour size (limited to 8 with 3 guides) makes this an even more amazing experience.

Ever wanted to swim under a waterfall?

Love the water?  Our Swim and Kayak activity is an awesome way to experience Umauma Falls in a laid back, fun atmosphere. Swim beneath the waterfall for an exhilarating shower or jump into the pool from the rocks above. Sunbathe and soak in the lush beauty of the river gorge all around you. We’ll provide you with stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and a deli-style picnic lunch so you can kick back and cruise.

Your childhood is calling …

In the form of an super-sized, 50 ft.-high swing. This is the most intense rush of all our activities. With seating for three, this giant swing flies you 150 ft. out over the Umauma River for an incredible free-flying sensation and stellar views.

Plant nerds welcome.

If you like to geek out over green things, this is your domain. Yes, your daring family or friends may have dragged you here, but you have the last laugh. Our tropical gardens are a feast for the senses and an oasis for those who appreciate some peaceful wandering. Breathe in the scent of tropical flowers and the fresh, oxygen-rich air from dozens of plant and tree species, like Ginger, Ti, Anthuriums, Orchids, Lilies, Lauhala, Banana, and Coconut. Explore our garden and grounds on a self-guided tour at your own pace. The path will lead you to the Umauma Falls lookout for an excellent photo opportunity.

Grind and Unwind!

After all this activity, you probably could use an espresso, or four. Don’t panic. We have a full- service espresso and coffee bar on site, plus a cafe that makes delicious sandwiches, burgers, and wraps. Chill out on our lanai that overlooks the Umauma River and watch zipliners swoosh in on the final line of the course. Talk story with other guests and our friendly staff as you relax and reflect on the experience of a lifetime.

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